Vilaska’s been a criminal trial attorney in our courts for over 15 years. He knows the law and he’s dedicated his entire career to protecting families and their civil rights.


Vilaska’s parents fled the communist army during the fall of Saigon and emigrated to the United States. He was born a few months later and named after his family’s new home: the state of Alaska, which means “the mainland” in Inuit.


Vilaska’s proud to be a neighborhood Dad. His family attends church at St. Thomas More, and he coaches the girls basketball team at his daughter’s school. He’ll be laser focused on protecting our families and making sure our neighborhoods get the resources we deserve.


Big Families, single families, extended families, families with lots of kids or families just starting out. Senior couples, new couples, and the families that we choose…


The pandemic has helped remind all of us how important every type of family is to our city. Without strong, healthy families we won’t have a strong, healthy city. That’s why Vilaska’s priority as Supervisor will be putting families first and making sure our families have the support and resources, we need to rebuild our city’s economy. 


Paid for by Vilaska Nguyen for Supervisor 2020  Financial disclosures are available at sfethics.org

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